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What is your service coverage area?

Our service area typically encompasses eastern New York, western Massachusetts and western Vermont. We are always happy to consider projects in additional areas, please, contact us to discuss.

Do you perform contracted work for office furniture dealers?

We work directly with dealers to simplify the job, delivering and installing on their behalf.

What size companies do you tend to work with?

WCI will work with any sized company. Whether it is a client with a single workstation or a large company with thousands, we are capable of managing your project.

Is your work schedule flexible beyond the typical 9 am to 5 pm workday?

We will work nights, weekends, or whatever it takes to complete your project with minimal disruption for your business. Your schedule sets ours.

Do you store new furniture before installation?

We accept and inspect deliveries, preassemble and manage product in our 6000 sq. ft. warehouse until it is time to install on location.

Does WCI safeguard clients against loss and damage?

Our team is background checked and comprehensively trained to preemptively lower any risks and we are fully insured so that you are protected.

What is WCI’s response if product is damaged during delivery or installation?

Damage is unlikely due to our diligence but should it occur we will expedite the repair or replacement for you.

Is your installation team certified?

We make every effort to keep our installers with current certifications with the major manufacturers.

Does WCI contract with governmental organizations?

We are familiar with local, state and federal government processes for educational and medical facilities as well as police organizations.

Do you have Worker’s Compensation?

Every employee is covered with an ample Worker’s Compensation plan.

Do you offer repair services for existing furniture or office systems?

We perform repairs on various components of systems furniture. Please contact us, we’d be delighted to consider your request.